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Date : 11 Oct 2019

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Date : 11 Oct 2019

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One stop for all your home furnishing essentials.

We’re SkyKross, and we’ve been Manufacturing and serving home furnishing products like diwan set herein Jaipur, Rajasthan since 1999.

We believe in selling diwan sets & other goods in fair trade where you can get the value of your money and it will be budget-friendly for you.

SkyKross is run by Sikh family whose vision is to provide superior quality at affordable rates, believes in the philosophy of something for all (means expensive materials for premium customers and regular things for basic customers), Deals mainly in 100% cotton.

we are specialized in manufacturing diwan set, cushion cover, bolster cover, room set, single & double bedsheets and many other handloom products. Our products are designed by our passionate textile designers and are come to life by our hard-working craftsmen, they have invested time to make thing special for you.

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Why Choose Skykross ?

There is not just one single reason to opt Skykross eCommerce portal for your home furnishing needs, rather there are many. Firstly, each and every SKYKROSS is specially crafted by our experienced and highly professional artists. Apart from this, the artefacts are showcased with a price tag which is best value for your money. The price is kept so low in order to bestow you the best experience of the finest quality fabrics available in the world market, clubbed together with "always-on-our-toes-service". We have the best quality artefacts, all at a very reasonable and effective price.